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Artist Statement
By Ross Mages

For my mouse pad I used Leonardo Da Vinci as my subject. Used a few of his famous pieces such as the proportional sketch and the Mona Lisa but I wanted to show so of his less known work. I used a few effects in Photoshop like the fading tool and the burning tool. Overall I think this piece was alright. It’s a lot better than what I originally started with which was regular square pictures with an ugly red background. The mounting on it is ok there is a little white on the edge but its barely noticeable you can only see it if you put it up to your face.

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Artist Statement
Ross Mages

In my piece it looks like I’m standing above the subject with my hand in a fist. I am wearing a black shirt with blue jeans. I think if you were looking at my piece you eyes would start at my shoes and fallow it up from my jeans to my shirt to my face. For my background I made a graffiti looking word in purple blue and greens. I was originally going to make the background skyscrapers that looked like they were warping over top of me but I decided that would be to time consuming. The graffiti isn’t a word just letters put together. I figured since I would be cover the majority of the piece there wasn’t a need for a word that you wouldn’t even be able to see.

I’m positioned in a way that I’m looking down on the person looking at the piece. And with one of my hands in a fist. I think this shows a sense of power in the way I’m standing and my fist. I also think that it gives the feeling of being on top of the world.

I think there is a good color contract with my piece. I have my self in a black shirt which contracts with the green purple and blue background. I believe the colors I used are good for this piece because they aren’t overwhelming and don’t distract you from myself in the picture. I believe the black shirt and my jeans stand out against my background because the back shirt is darker than the rest of my piece and my jeans are a brighter blue than the blues on the background.

I believe my color in the background shows more emotional expression than the colors that are on me. The background colors are calm and are colder colors. I believe this conveys a calm feeling but then the graffiti shows a more wild and spontaneous feeling. The colors and lettering have a contrastive feeling to me.

I like my shirt and jeans best in this piece. They aren’t made the same as I see with other students. I believe on my jeans and shirt it looks more like blobs than shading but I like the way it came out. At first I didn’t really like it but after I was through with it came together nicely. Even though my shirt and jeans looks blotchy you can tell that they are meant to be shading and value in them.

If I had to pick something I liked the least it would probably be my face and background. I didn’t really have a good feeling on how to create my face so to be honest I didn’t put much time into it. I do like my background but I would have like to stick with my original background idea which was skyscrapers. I like my background seeing how I didn’t have much time to do it but I think the skyscraper idea would have been more impressive and more appealing.

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Ex Libris

Ex Libris
Artist statement
Ross Mages

When I began my Ex-Libris I was more interested in making my piece art deco. All though I did make a few Art nouveau sketches but I was more drawn in by Art Deco. I wanted my piece to look a little abstract but yet recognizable. I made the piece look like a sun with its rays shooting off. I wanted to use warmer colors and stay in the color scheme of the Deco look. The yellow of course is the sun and the orange are the suns rays. The brown gives the piece good contrast and makes the yellow and orange stand out more.

The Circle at the bottom leads you up the rays and to the Ex Libris. Everything starts at the bottom where the half circle, sun, is and then it goes upwards. I used basic shapes to makes my piece which includes circles, triangles, and wedges. I like the way my piece came out. At first I thought it was to basic but in the end I like the look of it being basic. From what I saw in examples of Art Deco the artwork looks basic but yet appealing. The Deco artwork looked like it used a lot of geometric shapes and then overlapped them or played around with them to make them look more complex.

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First I started with the colors. I wanted the colors to draw in the teenage group so I used a light blue yellow and orange. I personally like the color scheme of my piece and I believe other people do as well. I used light blue as the back ground because it makes the orange and yellow stand out more. The orange is to attract the eye and then is used to make the viewer follow it to the yellow. I believe the yellow makes the viewers eye stay at that point because the yellow is more vivid than any of the other colors.

I used a spiral effect to draw the viewer’s eye around the piece. It let the viewer look at both circles but at the same time they don’t let the view get caught by the circle at the top left. The spiraled lines make the views eye go toward the bottom of the page to the circle in the lower right hand side, which is the center of the piece. This shows my principle, Emphasis. This means the eye goes to a certain place on the page. And it could also be one of my elements which is lines. I think the spiral lines are more appealing than just straight regular lines. I also added another circle at the top left corner so it wouldn’t be so plan and boring at the top. Inside the circles are half circles that give the piece value. I was trying to make it look kind of shaded but it’s hard to do with construction paper.


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